Uninstalling TabExposé for Safari

After given TabExpose for Safari on my new Mac mini runnig Snow Leopard a shot, I tried to uninstall it. But unfortunately the uninstall instructions on the products homepage weren’t correct. So, in order to remove it from your system you need to do the following:

  1. Quit Safari
  2. Open Activiy Monitor and search for the Pumba process, if it’s still running quit it
  3. Remove ~/Library/Application Support/Pumba/TabExpose.bundel (please make sure you do delete to Pumba folder too)
  4. Remove ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/PumbaLoader.osax
  5. Remove ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.cocoamug.Pumba.plist
  6. Start Safari


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7 responses to “Uninstalling TabExposé for Safari

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  2. You’re the man! I’ve had this annoying ‘pumba’ message since the upgrade to Lion. Your instructions worked like a charm!

  3. Anders Aasen

    Thanks, eventually I actually found a guy who could actually help me.

  4. i’ve tried these instructions but for some reason i have none of those files, pumba keeps reactivating every time i quit it and force quit it in activity monitor and the damn thing keeps popping up. are the files hidden or something?

  5. nvm i figured it out by using an option in activity monitor

  6. cool! nvm == never mind? what option is it?

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