Wrong iPhoto “Tell a Friend”-Email preview picture

Recently I tried to share a iPhoto event via my MobileMe photo gallery. Everything worked just fine, except that the event’s key photo in the notification email hasn’t been the one I chose.

After some time of digging into the problem I found a more or less easy workaround. So… in order to change the default picture which get’s send in the „tell a friend“ email, you need to set the „key photo“ before you upload the picture your MobileMe gallery. If you do it afterwards it has no effect at all.

  1. Make your photo you want to send in the email the key photo with a “right click” on the  specific one
  2. keyphoto_pict.png

  3. Upload your event or album to MobileMe
  4. Click on the shared event in iPhoto and then click “Tell a friend” (Mail should open like this)



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