iDisk Sync Issue… workaround

I was facing a serious iDisk syncing problem (as described in the Apple discussions forum) on friday, for which Console showed me the following error messages:

FileSyncAgent[115]	POST /Info.woa/wa/XMLRPC/accountInfo (FAILED), httpStatusCode:-1, errorType:106 (domain=AYErrorDomain, code=2), transactionState:5, txnId:A5E6392C-7709-41DF-9EC0-B34A338FF89B, auto-retries=0, manual-retries=0</div>
<div id="_mcePaste">FileSyncAgent[115]	MKCOL /.FileSync/XRS-idiskng067 (FAILED), httpStatusCode:405, errorType:100, transactionState:5, txnId:2A8B0052-7EA2-4FEF-B2F5-B608A3B9766E, auto-retries=0, manual-retries=0
FileSyncAgent[115]	LOCK /.FileSync (FAILED), httpStatusCode:-1, errorType:100 (domain=DMGeneralErrorDomain, code=100), transactionState:5, txnId:63729AC5-6FCB-4332-89C7-46724D75A6C5, auto-retries=0, manual-retries=0
FileSyncAgent[115]	UNLOCK /.FileSync (FAILED), httpStatusCode:-1, errorType:100 (domain=DMGeneralErrorDomain, code=100), transactionState:5, txnId:BE74C046-9EFB-4CAC-82A2-68F436A23291, auto-retries=0, manual-retries=0

After a little more digging I found those errors in the ~/Library/Logs/FileSyncAgent.log file:

Starting automatic sync of "gerbsen_iDisk".
-SStore_iDisk _refreshServerOptions: disableHoarding is invalid ('(null)')
performing full scan of remote iDisk
-SStore_iDisk _updateDirectory:withProps:: exception "-SNode addChildNodeWithName:info: (Node.m:1201): "'((!((((((self)->_nodeTypeCache != kInvalidNodeType ? (self)->_nodeTypeCache : (self).nodeType)) & (0x0002 | 0x0004)) != 0))))'"" while parsing properties for children of "/"
Peer "MobileMe" is unable to sync. Not enough peers will be available to continue syncing.
Aborting sync of "gerbsen_iDisk".
Sync of "gerbsen_iDisk" encountered errors. (-SStore prepareForSync (Store.m:982): "'((self.stateTree.isBroken))'")
Last successful sync completed at 2010-04-08 17:49:49 +0200.
Finished sync of "gerbsen_iDisk".

This has been really annoying, because I already had the same error only two days before. So I deleted my local iDisk image and re-synced it completely, which took a really long time. So, I figured doing it twice can’t be the solution. So, here is what you need to do to solve the problem without re-download your entire iDisk:

  1. Make a backup of your previous iDisk image (locate in /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Filesync/HEX_NUMBER/*.sparsebundle)
  2. Disable “Sync automatically”
  3. Stop iDisk syncing, this should also delete your local image
  4. Start iDisk syncing, so you should now have an empty image
  5. Mount your backed up iDisk image (double-click it so that it shows up in the finder side bar)
  6. Copy all files and folder to your iDisk
  7. If your finished, turn on (if you want to) “sync automatically” again
  8. Hope this helps!

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21 responses to “iDisk Sync Issue… workaround

  1. Tyler

    What about the two files called “SyncSets-journal” and “SyncSets” that are located with your iDisk image in the …”/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Filesync/HEX_NUMBER/…” folder?

    Should I delete those too?

    • I have deleted them, but I can only guess what those files are for. So my guess would be you can/should delete them. They do get created again if you start syncing.

  2. JjP

    Brilliant solution, thank you. That worked for me.

  3. Eric

    Well done for finding a way to re-sych the disk over the net when errors happen. Still, it seems that Apple has got an issue with Snow Leopard and iDisk I think.

    I would add to your instructions that it is important to stop any automatic synch as soon as you re-enable the iDisk and put it back to manual at the very beginning (a bit fiddly but this is the way it is).

  4. Richard Fosse

    I will try this but the problem is that I did the restart route. I now have two computers with identical iDisks. All work done on on the 19th of April is gone. On the other hand I have a file on each of the two called previous iDisks. File one on the Air is 4.37 GB while on the iMac it is 3.36 GB. Both are dated the same day but the Air is timed at 23:41 and the iMac at 23:40. My guess is that this is when the problem occurred and one of these files contains all my updates and added documents. The current files have lost significant amounts of work and and am really frustrated. The two icons on the Previous iDisk files are blank and neither can be opened.

    • what do you mean with restart route? you do not have by any chance a time machine installalation? sorry for your loss of data! are the files you lost maybe available on the web interface of your idisk?

      cheers and good luck daniel

      • Richard Fosse

        IThanks for your reply. The restart route has been to turn iDisk sync off and then start it again to allow the disk to resync. In doing this both disks remained at a dataset that was after the 19th of April. I do have Time Machine and see that i can in fact do a restore to one of the saved dates. Do you have any idea of what the two Previous iDisk files are. My guess is that they represent the past datasets and if they are recoverable may actuallly be where I want to be.

      • Hey… how did the restore went? Sorry that I didn’t answer earlier! The “previous” idisk files get generated if you turn of automatic syncing. It’s a simple copy of the “state” your idisk was before you stop the autosync. I don’t think that you have actually lost data. The disk being corrupted does not mean that you lost data, it just means that you can’t sync anymore. I think your data is scattered around in all of those previous boundles, and you should be able to restore it! I would appreciate very much if you let me know how things are going!?

        cheers daniel

  5. Rian

    It worked brilliantly! Thanks! I would agree with Eric that you really have to be quick about disabling automatic syncing when you restart iDisk. I actually had to turn off my internet connection while I copied files to iDisk.

    • I not sure about this… I never had any problems since I’ve got through with this workaround *hoping nothing changes*

      • Richard Fosse

        Hi all

        I did something else as well. I looked at my MobileMe prefs. Sync tab, Advanced button. There is found that I had several previous machines that I was syncing to that no longer existed. I guess the sync algorithm was getting extremely complicated. Sync has become much more reliable after I deleted all machines that no longer existed. I am basically down to three machines that need to be synced with each other. So in addition to Daniels good advice, and a revert to a Time Machine backup to find a decent version (I lost data), I seem to be OK as of today.

  6. in my opinion your article is very nice and very helpful

  7. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  8. Enrico

    Thank you!
    Great work around, it saved me to re-download my 9GB iDisk.

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  10. That i quite enjoy what you may submit right here. Really informative together with reasonable. A particular concern though. I’m running Firefox utilizing Debian together with segments to your active web design sections would definitely be a bit of wonky. That i realise it’s no standard arrange. But it’s an issue that will hold in the mind. That i wish that this will probably assistance together with keep the best superior posting.

  11. Jack Klemeyer

    When I follow your instructions I get an error message that says: “The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items.”
    I can’t seem to get around that.
    Please help!

    • Well, I did have the same error the last time I needed to do this. But unfortunately I haven’t been able to solve the problem. Maybe if yout try to right click on the idisk image -> get info -> sharing&permissions and then make it readable to everyone.

  12. Roger Coull

    I just thought it might be useful for me to add my experience as a Lion user, by no means techie! Like many people I have been disappointed to discover that some of my apps no longer work with Lion, so my workaround was to clone my imac (still on snow leopard) to an external hard disk and then boot up my macbook pro (running Lion) from that. As far as using the older apps was concerned this has worked, but somehow it seems to have corrupted the idisk, losing the local files. I also spent a day reloading the idisk from the web. Then it happened again! So I used the above technique and was delighted that it worked! Thank you! The only thing is that in Lion the user library is hidden, but I discovered that it can be viewed by holding the option key while clicking on the Go menu in the Finder. It then appears under Home. Hope this helps somebody.

  13. I adore the blog site layout . How do you make it? Its rather cool.

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