Change iCal and Address Book skin

Lion brings a new look to the Address Book and iCal. Since I’m not a real fan of the new skin, I was glad to hear that a little tool from 16-year old developer Fredrik W. called Lion Tweaks, is able to change it to the regular Apple Aluminum look. You can grab a copy here or download it directly from here. There are a lot more tweaks inside this tool, so see please check it out!



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3 responses to “Change iCal and Address Book skin

  1. sethchan

    Just sent you 10 bucks. Thanks for doing this. Nothing screams that Steve Jobs is dead like those dowdy designs that refudiate every Apple design principle of the last 20 years. I made the change within hours of upgrading to Lion.

  2. Randall

    Thanks very much. Donated $5 – hope others do the same

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