Wow… you actually made it to the about page! Congrats! 🙂 Since you are already here, I could tell you something about me. Hmm. Where to start?  Ah.. right my name.. as you already might know it’s Daniel. I am student at the University of Leipzig. For those people who don’t know Leipzig, it’s a rather large city in germany. And for those who don’t know germany, it’s a country in… Well, I’m not gonna tell you, find it out your self! 😉 If you want to know more about me I have to dissapoint you… then exept that I like to insert “…” in every sentence, there is nothing to tell! 😉

So.. why do I have my own blog?! Good question! Propably to share my stupid ideas with the rest of the world, just like everybody else does.. Why not me too? 🙂 So, what can you expect from this blog or me, if you want!? Here and then a post about life with a Mac and sometimes incredibly silly videos or pictures to make this life even easier! 🙂

And of course, very many …

2 responses to “Me

  1. Martin Krekeler

    Wollte nur hier nur mal kurz hinterlassen, dass ich Deine Fotos richtig gut finde – auch als Stadtplaner hab ich da Spaß dran 🙂 (äh, zur Erklärung: wir haben Oliver Hempel als gemeinsamen Facebook-Freund, so bin ich zu Deinen Bildern gekommen…)

    Grüße aus Hamburg

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