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Tailing log files in eclipse

I used to tail my log files in the console/terminal with “$ tail -f somelog.log”. But this is not really working if you have Eclipse in fullscreen mode (in Mac OS X). I recently stumbled across a very nice plugin, which basically let’s you do the same thing in a “Window-View” just like the Console- or Outline view of Eclipse. The plugin supports also multiple log files, so you can easily switch between a debug an normal log file. Furthermore you can define some rules (word or regex-match) which then can, if they match, change the particular line’s back- and foreground color…  exceptions can’t hide 🙂 To install this extension copy the following URL and go to Eclipse > Help > Install new Software and install the “Log Viewer Feature”. Restart eclipse and open the Log Viewer with Window > Show View > Other > Log Viewer. You then need to add all the log files you want to tail and create your custom rules (see picture for more infos). Please also visit and star this project on it’s Google Code site.


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Recently Used Files and Folders in Finder

Have you every heard of the Mac OS X feature called Smart Folder? That’s the feature we are going to use for creating a folder which displays the recently used files and folders in the Finder sidebar. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Make sure your are in the directory you want to create the Smart Folder for (the Smart Folder is applied to this and all subfolders)
  2. Go to Finder and click on File -> New Smart Folder
  3. Then click on the little plus (+) button on the top right
  4. In the first drop down box go to Other and checkmark Used dates, Click OK
  5. Select the something like: Used dates is within last X days (according to your favor)
  6. Now hold down the Alt key ⌥  (the +-button should become a …-button) and click it
  7. Now make sure that Any is selected in the new filter criteria (not All/None)
  8. And create two new sub criteria one for Kind is Document and one for Kind is Folder
  9. Click the Save button and name it as you wish, drag it at the desired place in the sidebar
  10. Enjoy!

Of course you can adjust this as you wish to only show PDFs which are greater than 12MB and are labeled yellow, contain the word “stupid” and are located in the Document directory. I think you get the drift. Also, you can always rearrange the filter criteria by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Show Search Criteria. The same goes for renaming the folder.

An example of a Recently Used Smart Folder

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Re-Download Mac OS X Lion

Since there is no simple download button on the Apple website and there are no install DVDs available, reinstalling Lion might seem tricky. But you can re-download it from the Mac App Store.

  1. Open the Mac App Store
  2. Press Option Key (alt/⌥) and keep it pressed for some seconds
  3. While clicking on Purchased
You might also want to have a look at how to create a bootable USB drive here.

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Recover lost files on your mac … for free

I have recently been to the Zoo and took a lot of pictures. As lazy as I am, I didn’t immediatly copied the files to my laptop after getting home. As a friend of mine wanted to rent the SD-card after some time, I decided to take a _quick_ look on the pictures but I couldn’t find any picture not yet imported to the library. And so it happened, i formatted my SD-Card containing all my cute little animals. I tried some demo-commercial software to recover the files with success, but recovered pictures with the company logo was not what I was looking for. I finally stumble upon PhotoRec a free and open source tool for virtually any operation system. You can get a copy here. It’s a very simple command line tool with a step-by-step tutorial. It recovered all my files within minutes. So please give it a try!

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Change iCal and Address Book skin

Lion brings a new look to the Address Book and iCal. Since I’m not a real fan of the new skin, I was glad to hear that a little tool from 16-year old developer Fredrik W. called Lion Tweaks, is able to change it to the regular Apple Aluminum look. You can grab a copy here or download it directly from here. There are a lot more tweaks inside this tool, so see please check it out!


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Tabs for Mac OS X Mail

Check out the free beta at http://simplicity.fm/mailtabs

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Turn your photos into miniature worlds

I recently discovered a very nice effect for my photos. It’s called tilt shift and basically turns your photo respectivally the people, buildings and cars or whatsoever in the picture into tiny little objects. I’ve collected some links for you, so, here’s a collection of some examples, a photoshop tutorial, a free webservice, a Mac OS X application and an iPhone app. Last but not least, here is an example from me:

Taken by Swen Gerber on Pylon Lookout™ at Sydney Harbour Brigde, Australia.

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