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iDisk Sync Issue… workaround

I was facing a serious iDisk syncing problem (as described in the Apple discussions forum) on friday, for which Console showed me the following error messages:

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Wrong iPhoto “Tell a Friend”-Email preview picture

Recently I tried to share a iPhoto event via my MobileMe photo gallery. Everything worked just fine, except that the event’s key photo in the notification email hasn’t been the one I chose.

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Move iTunes Libray to iDisk

I’m a Mac user since approximately one and half year. I was really proud to own one of the first unibody MacBooks in my home town. So for that period of time I was completely satisfied with iTunes syncing all my music and stuff to my already purchased iPhone. This workflow got even better with the subscription to the MobileMe service Apple provides. But suddenly after acquiring my second Mac, a Mac mini this time, for having a desktop computer rather than to plug/unplug the MacBook to the external display, a very serious problem appeared: a second installation of iTunes. After I spent quite a lot of time unsuccessfully researching this issue on the web, I came up with an idea. Why not putting my iTunes Library on my iDisk? Due to the genius feature of iTunes and the store history, apple does already know which tracks I own… so what! :> So, before I show how this can be accomplished, let me enumerate the prerequisites you will need in order to move your library to the iDisk:

  • you need iTunes, and a Mac of course 🙂
  • you need a MobileMe subscription, remember you do only have 20GB of storage, so if your library is larger than that you will either upgrade the storage, stop trying, or create a new library with less required space :/
  • you need to turn on iDisk syncing, or you will die while waiting for iTunes to start 🙂
  • and a mid to high bandwidth doesn’t hurt at all

After this has been said, you can start by copying your library to the desired location on your iDisk. Open Finder and drag your iTunes folder (probably located in ~/Music) to your iDisk. To make it really easy I’m gonna choose the same directory on the iDisk. Now, you need to tell iTunes where to find your music. Go to the advanced panel in iTunes preferences and change the iTunes media folder to your new location. After doing so quit iTunes and restart it while holding down the alt-key. A window should pop up, which asks you to specify the iTunes library. Click choose and point it the iTunes folder. You’re done! Congrats!

I’ve used this configuration for a while now and I must say I love it. Always having music, apps, podcast and etc. in sync. So it doesn’t matter if I want to sync my iPhone at home or on the run. But, as could it be different, there is also small disappointment about this situation, for me, at least. I constantly get some MobileMe sync error for the file „iTunes Library.xml“. Seems to me that iTunes changes this file while it’s running and the FileSyncAgent can’t read it because it’s in use. Maybe somebody out there can help me! 🙂


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