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Recover lost files on your mac … for free

I have recently been to the Zoo and took a lot of pictures. As lazy as I am, I didn’t immediatly copied the files to my laptop after getting home. As a friend of mine wanted to rent the SD-card after some time, I decided to take a _quick_ look on the pictures but I couldn’t find any picture not yet imported to the library. And so it happened, i formatted my SD-Card containing all my cute little animals. I tried some demo-commercial software to recover the files with success, but recovered pictures with the company logo was not what I was looking for. I finally stumble upon PhotoRec a free and open source tool for virtually any operation system. You can get a copy here. It’s a very simple command line tool with a step-by-step tutorial. It recovered all my files within minutes. So please give it a try!

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Amazing and horrifying at the same time

This is a picture of a crossing in Guatemala City where a spontaneous sinkhole appeared last sunday. This phenomena has happened naturally through groundwater which has washed away soil underneath. This hole is about 20m deep and 15m wide!!

Sinkhole in Guatemala-City

via http://www.gizmodo.de
source http://www.boingboing.net

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Just like in Spongebob… a real river underwater

Read the full story here at bin’s corner.

Photo by Anatoly Beloshchin in the cave Cenote Angelita, Mexico.

source binscorner.com

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My very first steps in photography…

For two weeks now, I’m a proud owner of a Canon EOS 450D camera. So from time to time, I go out and try to take some pictures of my neighbourhood respectively my home town.. Leipzig. So, in the words of my [sarcasm] favourite [/sarcasm] operating system manufacturer: “It’s time to share..”. You can find the gallery of my pictures here and a quick preview will be shown at the top of the sidebar. These pictures are totally free to use and come with no licensing restrictions. However, it would be really nice of you if you leave a comment here. Also a link back to my blog is highly appreciated. Thank you!

A sneak peek follows after the break!


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