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Change default SVN Editor on Mac OS X

Okay, I admit it. I do prefer a graphical user interface over a the Terminal app. But some things are more efficient to do on the command line. For example commiting changes in a subversion repository. So, instead of using the ‘-m “some text”‘ parameter or get stuck in emacs/vi, you could simply change to default svn editor to let’s say TextEdit (the per default Mac OS X text editor). To do so, go to your .profile or in my case .zshrc (I’m using zsh) file which is located in your home directory and add the following line:

  • export EDITOR=”/usr/bin/open -n -W -a /Applications/TextEdit.app”

The options will send the content from the svn temporary file to TextEdit, tell “open” to stay open as long as TextEdit is open (“-W”), “-a” for selecting TextEdit (you can choose TextWrangler or anything else as well) and to open a new instance of the editor (“n”), in case you already opened it. But don’t forget: to finish the commiting process you need to quit TextEdit and you do need to restart Terminal in order to “reread” your configuration file.


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