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Tailing log files in eclipse

I used to tail my log files in the console/terminal with “$ tail -f somelog.log”. But this is not really working if you have Eclipse in fullscreen mode (in Mac OS X). I recently stumbled across a very nice plugin, which basically let’s you do the same thing in a “Window-View” just like the Console- or Outline view of Eclipse. The plugin supports also multiple log files, so you can easily switch between a debug an normal log file. Furthermore you can define some rules (word or regex-match) which then can, if they match, change the particular line’s back- and foreground color…  exceptions can’t hide 🙂 To install this extension copy the following URL and go to Eclipse > Help > Install new Software and install the “Log Viewer Feature”. Restart eclipse and open the Log Viewer with Window > Show View > Other > Log Viewer. You then need to add all the log files you want to tail and create your custom rules (see picture for more infos). Please also visit and star this project on it’s Google Code site.

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Change default SVN Editor on Mac OS X

Okay, I admit it. I do prefer a graphical user interface over a the Terminal app. But some things are more efficient to do on the command line. For example commiting changes in a subversion repository. So, instead of using the ‘-m “some text”‘ parameter or get stuck in emacs/vi, you could simply change to default svn editor to let’s say TextEdit (the per default Mac OS X text editor). To do so, go to your .profile or in my case .zshrc (I’m using zsh) file which is located in your home directory and add the following line:

  • export EDITOR=”/usr/bin/open -n -W -a /Applications/TextEdit.app”

The options will send the content from the svn temporary file to TextEdit, tell “open” to stay open as long as TextEdit is open (“-W”), “-a” for selecting TextEdit (you can choose TextWrangler or anything else as well) and to open a new instance of the editor (“n”), in case you already opened it. But don’t forget: to finish the commiting process you need to quit TextEdit and you do need to restart Terminal in order to “reread” your configuration file.


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